What People Are Saying
Jim Moody, CAE
“Working with Helen Anne has been easy, highly effective and financially beneficial. During a strategic planning session this year, our board members praised the newsletter Helen Anne produces and listed it as an essential member benefit. Newsletter readership is extraordinarily high, and I can tell members are engaged because of the emails I receive each time it’s published. Week after week, she delivers high-value information for our members.”
Lynn Schwarz
“What an amazing job she has done for us! Helen Anne came to our rescue when we had an employee leave unexpectedly and I couldn’t fill the vacant communications position quickly. I reached out to Helen Anne to fill the gap by assisting us with our three newsletters. She not only produced professional, quality newsletters, but she did so in a timely manner every month. Helen Anne was a pleasure to work with. ”
Alyson B. Abercrombie, CAE
“Helen Anne gets us. We hired her to write a high-visibility report to our members, and she nailed it. With just a few strategic conversations, she captured our association’s mission and culture. Our members were very pleased, and we’ve used that report to recruit new members and share our accomplishments with industry-related groups and agencies. Thanks, Helen Anne.”
Genia Harwell Ryan, CAE
“I should have hired Helen Anne a year ago. She stepped into our small staff and supplemented our efforts beautifully. She helped us gain continuing education certification for the first time this year and has made producing conference promos and materials easier than ever.”
James M. Moroney III
“Your email newsletter is the very best industry organization email newsletter I receive (or have ever received). It is well organized and easy to navigate/digest; it is always informative about the organization; it combines good organization with relevant industry information and the length is just right. Superbly edited!”
Bill Barry
“You publish the most meaningful e-Bulletin of all the trade organization publications around in the newspaper industry.”
Edward E. Corry, Jr.
“Helen Anne is a team player and has made a great impact with her creativity, writing ability and project management. She has helped improve communications both within the system and with our outside publics. She has produced publications for us under budget and on time.”
Ronald Reichman, MD
“I believe ANY organization would be very fortunate to have Ms. Richards on their team. Throughout our interactions, I have been incredibly impressed with Ms. Richards’s organizational and interpersonal skills, and she is, very clearly to me, someone who can handle a crisis and diffuse potential problems with members (me!). Throughout our interactions, Ms. Richards was always compassionate, caring, and kind, but most importantly of all, recognized how to turn difficult situations into excellent results for both the members and the organization.”
Daniel A. Jones
“Thank you for your tremendous effort in producing the copy and pictures for the Tourism Publication. Your professionalism shows brilliantly. Those qualities show many times over in your efforts on behalf of the entire Chamber. I’m proud to be able to work with you. Thanks again!”